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Car Dealership Cleaning Halifax NS

There are many similarities between car dealership cleaning and the commercial cleaning industry. Creating an amazing first impression with customers and understanding that this impression represents the brand of our products and services is important to consider for both industries. For the commercial cleaning industry, this begins with the consistent high level of cleaning and customer service we deliver.

Impress your customers with spotless showrooms, service areas, offices and restrooms. Blue Wave Commercial Cleaners provide customized auto dealership cleaning plans that will ensure tasks such as dusting, disinfecting, sweeping / mopping and thorough restroom cleaning and sanitizing are done at the appropriate intervals. Pay for the services you need and not the ones you don’t.

Commercial Cleaning

Blue Wave Commercial Cleaning in Halifax will clean all high traffic areas of your auto dealership such as kitchens, bathrooms, lobbies, waiting areas, and boardrooms, the same as any other commercial office cleaning client.

We offer a wide range of commercial cleaning and janitorial services over and above your usual office cleaning plan. Some of this may include bathrooms, showroom hard floors and carpets, offices, and anything else you need cleaned on a regular basis.  Our top of the line commercial cleaning equipment can reach any tight space where dirt may get built up where furniture needs to be moved in order to clean.

Again Blue Wave offers deep cleaning services that will compliment not replace your regular commercial office cleaning plan. So if you are looking for the right cleaning plan for your car dealership, retail space, or commercial office building anywhere in Halifax, Nova Scotia, give Blue Wave Commercial Office Cleaners a call to get started (902) 997-1546 | Toll Free: 1-877-287-7655

Professional Car Dealership Cleaning

You’ve trained your staff to understand the car sales industry. Trust the cleaning of your dealership to the trained professionals at Blue Wave Commercial Cleaning Services Halifax.

  • Customers don’t always say it but they expect your dealership to be clean. Blue Wave will work with you to develop a cleaning schedule that will ensure your car dealership looks amazing.

  • Blue Wave ensures all areas of your car dealership are cleaned and maintained to exacting standards. From front facing areas such as the showroom and seating areas to the back-office and restrooms, we ensure all areas get the attention they deserve.

  • You can trust Blue Wave. All staff have undergone thorough background and reference checks. Enjoy peace of mind know that your dealership is in good hands.

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