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Carpet Cleaning Process – Hot Water Extraction

Part of the whole carpet cleaning process is called hot water extraction, which is a common way to clean carpets. The carpet is first treated with a cleaning solution and then hot water is sprayed on the carpet using high pressure jets and a wet vacuum. This process not only removes dirt and odors, but also kills germs.

Hot water extraction is environmentally friendly and effectively kills dust mites and organisms. This type of carpet cleaning does require drying time. Let Blue Wave Carpet Cleaning offer you nothing but the best is carpet clean services in Halifax NS to help revitalize and extend the life of your carpets.

What to Expect from Blue Wave Commercial Carpet Cleaning:

  • Professional Carpet Cleaning, deep cleaning, fast drying
  • Special Carpet Cleaning Treatment Cleaners that are tough on dirt, gentle on carpets
  • Specializing in Spots & Stain removals
  • Carpet Steam Cleaning, no wet carpeting, fast dry
  • Fresh Water Used on all Carpets, fast dry, no recycled dirty water
  • Hard To Reach Carpeted Areas Cleaned By Hand, deep carpet cleaning services
  • Most Furniture is Moved Before Cleaning Carpets, very careful all furniture
  • Fast Drying, fresh & beautiful carpets each and every time
  • Capet Cleaning Money Back Guarantee, we don’t get paid until you say it’s clean

Hire a professional carpet cleaning company in Halifax to increase the life of your carpets and rugs around the office. You should get at least an additional  12-18 months out of the life of your carpets. So have them cleaned at least every 6 months if it’s within your budget.

Blue Wave Commercial Cleaning specializes in commercial cleaning, office cleaning, janitorial services, as well as cleaning carpets for any type of business so if you are looking for commercial cleaning services or looking to get all your carpets professionally cleaned for offices, retail spaces, or restaurants give them us a call to get started (902) 997-1546 | Toll Free: 1-877-287-7655

Carpet Cleaning – Low-moisture Encapsulation

Another part of the whole carpet cleaning process is low-moisture encapsulation. This is an environmentally friendly way of cleaning carpets and is very gentle on the fibers of the carpets as it removes stains.

No water is used in the process so carpets are dry shortly afterwards and can be walked on shortly after the cleaning. The carpet cleaning machine brushes part the carpet fibers and allow the chemicals to reach each fiber and remove any stains that may be present. This results in very clean and fresh carpets. Other benefits of this type of cleaning include extended carpet life, environmentally friendly and minimized downtime.

Restore The Beauty of All Carpets

Blue Wave Commercial carpet cleaning with help restore and maintain the beauty of all the carpeting in your facility.

All carpets throughout your office building will be cleaned by a professional commercial cleaning company that have a proven hot water extraction carpet cleaning system that do an excellent job of cleaning commercial carpeting each and every time. This carpet cleaning method has been used by all the top carpet cleaning companies in Canada for years!

Importance of Regular Carpet Cleaning

The importance of regular carpet cleaning is that many business owners often make the mistake of assuming their carpets are clean just by vacuuming them. Big mistake! They may look clean by look deeper.

So what most businesses in Halifax fail to realize is that over a period of time carpets, rugs and upholstery have a build up of dirt and germs deep in the fibers. Furniture and carpeting collect dirt and soil deep below the surface and scrubbing or vacuuming may not reach.

Talk to a carpet cleaning specialist at Blue Wave Commercial Cleaning to determine your carpet cleaning, office furniture cleaning, upholstery cleaning or rug cleaning needs. Blue Wave Commercial Cleaning is your choice for for office building cleaning, retail space cleaning, school cleaning,  healthcare facility cleaning or restaurant cleaning services in Halifax or Dartmouth NS. Call to book a cleaning today (902) 997-1546 | Toll Free: 1-877-287-7655

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Our expert residential and commercial carpet cleaning technicians at Blue Wave Commercial Cleaners in Halifax will deliver quality carpet care at affordable prices. Not only will our carpet cleaning make your carpets look beautiful but will also extend their life.

Would you like to discuss having you carpets cleaned by us? If so, please contact us for an on-site evaluation.

  • Consistent high quality results
  • Highly trained carpet cleaning technicians

  • Environmentally friendly chemicals

  • Industrial grade equipment
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee

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