Keeping an Office Clean

Keeping an office clean can be a commercial cleaning 101 process starting with a local experienced cleaning company. At times cleaning an office or residence can certainly be a difficult and challenging job. That’s why you should contact Blue Wave Cleaning Services, a top rated Halifax Commercial Cleaning company.

If you are curious as to whether or not your office building is being cleaned properly, you can take a look in your janitors’ closet to find out the types of supplies they are using and if it is actually clean. The cleanliness of the janitors’ closet is a good indicator of overall quality.

As a business owner, it is vital to ensure your office stays clean and sanitary. Blue Wave Cleaning is a Commercial Cleaning Services company in Halifax Nova Scotia that follows standards that are set forth by the cleaning industry. It’s important to speak with your cleaning professionals to see if they are following these regulations.

Cleaning from High to Low

Commercial office cleaning professionals should start their cleaning process in the highest locations of the office first. They can do this by dusting the light fixtures or ceiling fans. From here they can then move to the desks and shelving units. The last step to cleaning is to clean away any dust or debris on counters and baseboards.

Cleaning from Back to Front

It’s always best to start in the back of the office building then move forward into the hallway, to the bathroom and finally any exit areas. This is the logical way to perform the cleaning and also helps prevent things being missed or overlooked. The same procedure should be followed when mopping as is reduces the number of trips the cleaner has to make over a wet floor.

Cleaning from Dry to Wet

The first step in cleaning should be to dust then to wipe down any surfaces that have dirt or debris. This should be done before you start vacuuming/ moping and using cleaning products. When you remove the dust first, you make the cleaning job easier and more efficient.

Ensuring the Cleaning Solution Sits

Some cleaning solutions have to sit for a certain period of time in order to properly remove the bacteria on the surface. Always read and follow the directions listed on the product.

Use the Right Tools

Janitorial services like Blue Wave Commercial Cleaning will tell you that cleaning supplies like mops and cloths have to be stored properly to ensure they are kept safe and secure. Always store supplies in a neat and orderly fashion. Hang the mop up to dry and make sure dirty water was not left in the bucket.

Hire the Right Company

Making sure you hire a professional cleaning company is the first step to ensuring your office building is kept clean and healthy. It is important their staff is trained on proper procedures for the health and safety of anyone in the building.

Blue Wave Cleaning Services is a Halifax commercial cleaning company that you can trust to clean and maintain your healthcare facility, office complex, shopping mall or retail outlet. Our thoroughly trained staff and regular inspections help ensure quality results each visit.

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