Blue Wave Commercial Cleaning provides consistent quality office cleaning for Retail, Restaurants, Schools, &  Medical Offices During Covid-19!

For businesses in Halifax or Dartmouth looking for commercial cleaning for retail restaurant and medical offices during the Holidays and beyond this Winter, to suit your schedule and budget!

Each business is assigned a well-trained crew of office cleaners that know your facility inside and out. Blue Wave’s cleaning team has dedicated account managers that will stay in touch with the business owners and are always available to address any issues should they crop up.

Coronavirus will change how we clean, sanitize, and disinfect all areas of the workplace.

The COVID-19 pandemic is here to staff at least for the immediate future and it has changed a lot of things in the word including how we clean.

Cleanliness, mask, social distancing, hand sanitizers, soap and disinfectant wipes are common phrases now in the workplace and school in Canada as well as globally.

We are no longer consumed with the amount of dirt and dust that we have to clean in the workplace. We are now dealing with much more, a highly contagious virus called Covid-19. We have learned to identify where these somewhat invisible germs are and just how to clean them properly.

Commercial Cleaning For Retail Restaurant Schools Medical Offices During Covid-19

Quality Control

Quality control is a key aspect of providing consistent cleaning for all office whether retail, medical, or restaurant cleaning.

Blue Wave commercial cleaning in Halifax has developed a rigorous cleaning inspection schedule that will allow us to identify and correct issues before they become a problem, especially during Covid-19. So it is important to partner with a professional office cleaning company in Halifax like Blue Wave Commercial Cleaners when trying to stay ahead of the cleaning curve in order to keep everyone safe.

Blue Wave Commercial Cleaners get to the job on time, and complete in the time frame that is outlined in the cleaning contract. Reach out today to sign up for commercial cleaning services for your business in Dartmouth, Halifax, Bedford or anywhere else in HRM – Phone: (902) 997-1546 | Toll Free: 1-877-287-7655

Commercial Cleaning and Disinfecting for Covid-19

Offices are often frequented my many employees and visitors, even during COVID-19! This may result in the spread of germs and bacteria.

Employers and staff members will need to all work together to prevent the spread of COVID-19, which in turn will protect other visitors and customers to their business and keep everyone safe. Don’t forget to clean and disinfect all works paces a couple times per day at least. Commercial cleaning companies should especially pay special attention to high-touch surfaces like computers, bathroom sinks, light switches, and doorknobs.

Wash all areas with hot soapy water and then disinfect with a good household cleaning product or any eco-friendly product that is alcohol based to remove any traces of Covid-19. Any janitorial services will tell you that all employees and visitors should pay special attention to hand washing with alcohol-based hand sanitizers in washrooms and at office desks.

Staff Not Feeling Well?

For anyone that is not feeling well, make sure that employees know that it is important to stay home and work from home where possible. Also for offices where it is not possible to work from home, social distance, wear a mask, and make sure to maintain a physical distance of at least 2 metres (6 feet) whenever you are traveling within an office location, retail outlet, and medical space.

Have no fear, the innovative commercial cleaning and disinfecting practices at Blue Wave uses a number of methods to ensure safe cleaning that adheres to all Covid-19 cleaning recommendations as laid out by the Nova Scotia Department of Health and the Province of Nova Scotia.

Read more about the Governments response to keeping the workplace clean and safe:

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