For outstanding Commercial Retail Cleaning Services in Bedford or Halifax you will want to check out Blue Wave Cleaning!

First impressions are very important when it comes to your business. Your work environment should always exhibit a polished and professional look when dealing with the public on a daily basis. When a customer visits your commercial establishment, they usually notice right away how well you care for your office or retail space. They then figure that you will care for them in the same way.

Let Blue Wave Commercial Cleaning Services take the worries out of keeping your retail property pristine. Focus on your products and services, and not the dirt or dust. We can work with you to customize a cleaning schedule for your Bedford retail business that will keep you and your customers happy.

Blue Wave commercial office cleaners have the knowledge and professional cleaning staff necessary to put your mind at ease. They offer reliable and affordable commercial office cleaning services in the Bedford area of HRM, as well as to Dartmouth, Sackville, and Halifax.

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Commercial Retail Cleaning Services

  • Floor Cleaning
  • Office Cleaning
  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Janitorial Services
  • Floor De-greasing, Vinyl Stripping and Waxing
  • Cleaning of Warehouses, Shopping Centers, Retail Offices, Garage Workshops
  • Cleaning Commercial Properties
  • Concrete floor cleaning, painted or unpainted
  • Commercial Kitchen Cleaning (Restaurants, Hospitals, Coffee Shops, Schools, Nursing Homes, All Food Outlets)
  • Duct & Ventilation Cleaning
  • Commercial Cleaning (End of Lease)
  • Escalator & Elevator Cleaning
  • Student Residence Cleaning (Colleges, Universities, Post Secondary)
  • Daily Cleaning (Retail Shops and Retail Multi-floor Units)
  • Regular Office Cleaning (Daily or Weekly Contract Cleaning)
  • Special Event Cleaning (Before, During, After)
  • Daily Contract Cleaning ( Pubs, Restaurants, Swimming Pools, Schools, Senior Homes, Gyms, Education, Daycare


Maintaining A Clean Retail Space

retail office cleaningThe key component to effective cleaning here at Blue Wave Office Cleaning, is to provide a clean office for your staff so they remain healthy and productive.

A clean office plays a major role in the productivity of your employees as it prevents absences from work due to ill health especially during Covid-19.

In case you didn’t know it, over 50% of absences from work in Canada are a direct link to dirty equipment at the office including computers, keywords, telephones, water coolers, door knobs, and coffee machines. It is in these areas that you will find bacteria, Ecoli, and other germs that can manifest into an entire department becoming sick.

Let Blue Wave Retail Cleaners in Halifax or Bedford customize a commercial cleaning program tailored to meet your company’s cleaning needs and budget.

Some of the cleaning solutions offered for your business include drapery cleaning, blind cleaning, carpet cleaning, office equipment cleaning, floors, walls, etc. You name it, Blue Wave Commercial Office Cleaning pros have the affordable office cleaning solution that is right for your business.

Blue Wave Retail Office Cleaners Will Clean Everything in Your Business Including:

  • Bathrooms, toilets, sinks, urinals
  • Emptying trash & sanitizing recycling bins
  • Supply and restocking of washroom consumables
  • Ventilation cleaning
  • Cleaning office equipment
  • Cleaning work stations
  • Window cleaning
  • Dusting computer equipment and office furniture
  • Cleaning all office surfaces
  • Floor cleaning (sweeping, mopping, polishing, stripping and waxing floors)
  • Carpet cleaning (vacuuming, steam cleaning)
  • Cleaning kitchens, cafeterias, & staff rooms
  • Cleaning air conditioners and vents
  • Cleaning car parks
  • External building cleaning (siding, windows, fascia, roofs)
  • Picking up litter
  • Watering & pruning office plants


When Do We Clean Your Retail Property?

Blue Wave Office CleaningThe vast majority of office cleaning or retail cleaning takes place during off hours when you staff is not at work.

This usually takes place either in the morning or evening, depending on what time you set. Blue Wave Commercial Janitorial Services will tailor any office cleaning services to your individual requirements no matter if you manager an office building, healthcare facility, retail outlet, school or daycare.

When doing an online search for reliable commercial cleaners in Bedford, Nova Scotia, always choose Blue Wave Cleaners! They are your friendly, affordable office cleaners right here in Halifax, Bedford, and Sackville Nova Scotia. They’d love to hear from you!

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