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Providing a Healthy Learning Environment

Educational facilities like schools and universities are home to high levels of germs and bacteria especially during Covid-19!

This is where your education facility should partner with a professional janitorial cleaning services or commercial cleaning company to keep your students safe and healthy. Blue Wave educational facility cleaning in Halifax will not only keep your schools clean, but they will schedule a clean plan to clean your school on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis in order to keep is clean and and germ free.

Commercial cleaning services will help ensure your education facility will not only look and smell clean, but will be a healthier environment for staff and students alike. Blue Wave School Cleaning program understands that learning environments present a unique challenge when it comes to the spread of germs. Blue wave janitorial cleaning goes beyond the average commercial cleaning company and to ensure that high touch areas of your school like door knobs, fountains, computers and bathroom sinks are properly and thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

School Janitorial Services

Some of the usual school and educational facility janitorial cleaning services would include jobs that are more comprehensive and require more time than everyday janitorial services because of the size of some educational facilities. A few of the regular commercial cleaning tasks for schools and universities would include:

  • Hard Floor Cleaning, Stripping, Waxing when necessary
  • Carpet Cleaning / Steam Cleaning where needed
  • Power Washing of all School Windows, Walls, Hard Services
  • Office Furniture Cleaning
  • Staff Room Cleaning
  • Garbage emptying and removal

Daycare Cleaning Services

Cleaning daycare facilities requires a different type of commercial cleaning. For daycare cleaning, there are some important factors to consider like the health of the students and the staff as well as any visitors to the daycare.

Consistent commercial cleaning and sanitizing is important to maintain a germ free environment so that children and staff do not get sick throughout the year. Specialized floor and carpet cleaning are part of any daycare cleaning contract so that children and daycare workers who spend a lot of time near floors doing activities won’t get sick.

Hiring a commercial cleaning company to manage the cleanliness of your daycare makes perfect sense to staff and parents alike. The daycare environment can be a germ free playground most of the time if kept clean. Exposing a group of children and daycare employees to germs of any kind may lead to an outbreak of the flu or colds.

Infectious diseases like Covid-19 may spread easily and so if the cleanliness standards of your daycare are not on a professional level,  people will end up getting seriously ill. Hiring a commercial cleaning company or janitorial service that is educated about cleaning daycares and schools is your best bet!

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Why should you outsource the cleaning of your school or daycare?

The Blue Wave Education and Daycare Cleaning Program uses methods that differentiate us from the competition and deliver a superior clean. Our system focuses on disinfecting high touch areas such as table tops, desks and door handles. Always trust the education and daycare facility cleaning to the commercial office cleaning pros in Halifax – Blue Wave Janitorial Services!

  • Innovative cleaning system reduces the spread of bacteria, germs and viruses
  • Improved air quality by utilizing industrial vacuums that filter allergens and fine dust
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning products and chemicals
  • Consistent quality cleaning results every visit
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