A clean gym is a healthy gym

Gyms and fitness facilities are ideal homes for germs and bacteria. Warm and moist areas such as showers, saunas and locker rooms often contain high levels of germs and bacteria. Although many patrons attempt to clean the equipment it is often not adequate or some areas may be neglected. Blue Wave Cleaning Services specializes in gym cleaning and can provide amazing results.

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Cleaning for Health

Blue Wave Cleaning Services disinfects all important areas in your gym or fitness facility each night, paying special attention to locker rooms. We don’t just disinfect areas such as mats and equipment, we go beyond that and also disinfect areas such as tables, telephones, keyboards and drinking fountains.

Our commercial cleaning system uses color-coded microfiber cloths to ensure cross-contamination does not occur and our commercial grade vacuums will help improve air quality.


High touch areas in gyms and fitness facilities are a breeding ground for germs and need to be properly cleaned and disinfected.

Our cleaning system utilized industrial grade equipment and hospital rated disinfectant. Patrons don’t always do the best job cleaning after themselves and that is where we come in. We focus on ensuring equipment, showers, sinks and locker areas are all thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

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Germs and bacteria are spread through touching contaminated surfaces. Blue Wave Cleaning Services uses industrial grade equipment and hospital rated disinfectant to ensure surfaces are thoroughly cleaned. We go beyond what other commercial cleaning companies do and use a color coded cloth and mop system help prevent cross contamination. Our advanced cleaning system and knowledge of fitness facility cleaning allows us to provide exceptionally clean facilities for your customers and staff.

  • Consistent high quality results
  • Prevents cross-contamination
  • Latest in hospital-grade disinfecting technology