Blue Wave Commercial Cleaning is a Halifax office cleaning company that understands that customer satisfaction is paramount in the cleaning industry and would like to share a few simple principles they found that work very well when it comes to customer satisfaction and retention.

“Do you want to know how we ensure our customers are happy and maintain an extremely high customer retention rate? Of course you do. Keep reading!”

A commercial cleaning contract is a business relationship that requires attention, nurturing and trust. The relationship has to be nurtured month after month if you want to ensure customers stay happy. Below are a few of the key areas we focus on.

Keep the Building Clean

The most important aspect of customer retention and satisfaction is actually keeping their facility or office clean! Cleaning is not rocket science but it does require process be in place for amazing results.

Properly trained janitorial services staff and detailed checklists are crucial for quality control! It’s very important to provide consistent quality office cleaning that will meet or exceed customer expectations. Go the extra mile for customers – they may not say it, but we guarantee they appreciate it.


From the very start of the business relationship, it’s important to communicate clearly. This starts with delivering a commercial cleaning proposal that clearly outlines the cleaning tasks that will be performed. That is just the beginning though.

It’s important to stay in touch with customers on a regular basis letting them know that inspections are being performed and requesting feedback. Customers appreciate when you take the time to discuss their ongoing needs.

Keep Your Word

This is a simple concept but is often difficult to come by in the commercial cleaning industry. Do what you say you are going to do! If your proposal stated that the floors would be polished once per month, make sure the floors get polished once per month and if the windows are to be cleaned on a weekly basis, make sure it gets done.

We have been told by numerous customers that their last company made promises they did not keep.  We strive to ensure this never happens.

Well Trained Office Cleaning Employees

Consistent quality cleaning requires well trained employees. Blue Wave commercial cleaning services in Halifax trains our employees on cleaning techniques, safety, chemical use, customer relations and process.

A competent and well trained employee helps keep customers’ offices looking amazing – which in turn leads to happy customers.

Commercial Cleaning Checklists

A detailed checklist that outlines the cleaning tasks and schedule is not optional, it’s a must.

Blue Wave commercial cleaning services uses a variety of checklists e.g. daily cleaning tasks, inspection items, end of shift, special tasks and supervisor checklists, etc. This creates a system that works!

Customized Solutions

Blue Wave is a commercial cleaning company in Halifax Nova Scotia that focuses on identifying solutions for our customers. We have found that partnering with our customers helps us deliver solutions to their sometimes challenging problems.

Blue Wave Commercial Cleaning Services is a top rated commercial cleaning company in Halifax, NS. Contact us today and let’s work together to create a plan that will meet your office cleaning or janitorial services needs and budget.

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