Scrub and Recoat

Scrubbing and recoating hard floors can quickly improve appearance by removing the top layers of damaged floor finish along with stains, scratches and leave a clean surface. New finish is then applied to restore the protective top coat to a beautiful shine.

Here on the East Coast, we understand our customers have to contend with salt, sand and other aggregates that damage the floors in their facilities. Our professional floor cleaning system and equipment will deliver consistently beautiful results each and every time.

Strip and Wax

Stripping and waxing floors is the process of removing all of the existing coating so that the bare floor is exposed and a number of new coats of finish is applied.

A properly done strip and wax job will restore your floors shine and make them look new again. Your floors will look amazing and will help improve your brand image.


It is important that businesses maintain clean floors to help improve image and attract new customers. Most companies require regular commercial floor cleaning and care to help minimize wear and tear and reduce the cost of floor maintenance and repair.

Offices that receive heavy traffic need more frequent hard floor cleaning and maintenance as the finish on hard floors quickly wears and as the protective coating begins to breakdown, the floors begin to look dull and dirty. Spills, scratches, nicks and dents all are daily occurrences that can lead to the breakdown of the protective coating. Floors become more vulnerable to permanent damage if left unchecked.

We specialize in scrub and re-coat, burnishing, scrub and recover or strip and refinish hard floor cleaning services.

  • Exceptional floor finish results
  • Trained and experienced floor care technicians
  • One-time or annual floor care programs available
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