Hiring the right office cleaning company can be a very tricky affair, especially if you are looking for a long-term working relationship.

It is paramount that you engage the right company that will serve yours cleaning services demands and clean to your expectations.

Luckily, Blue Wave Commercial Cleaning Services is the best choice when it comes to Office Cleaning in Halifax and they have compiled questions that can guide you to hiring the best office cleaning company.

Below are questions to ask you before hiring a cleaning service provider.

Halifax Office Cleaning

1. Does the office cleaning company offer any training?

A great office cleaning company will offer training on various categories of cleaning. Identifying the training programs provided by a company can be very handy since such information will help in evaluating the service to hire.

Blue Wave Office Cleaners in Halifax are the best trained in the industry.


2. What customer care services does the business have in place?

Clients should be able to reach the commercial cleaning company via contacts they provide. Dedicated customer care services should allow you to call the company anytime of the day.

Blue Wave Janitorial Services takes a hands on approach to customer service. Not only will we do an amazing job cleaning your office, but we are here to offer 24/7 support.


3. Is the company bonded or insured?

The commercial office cleaning company that you hire should be insured. Even though cleaning commercial office space in Halifax doesn’t seem like a dangerous job, it is crucial to have the company insured in order to cover for any damages when an accident occurs.

Blue Wave Office Cleaning is a fully insured and bonded office cleaning company located in Halifax, Nova Scotia – we take your trust and security very seriously.


4. What are the rates and how does the company set the rates?

Are the cleaning rates negotiable? Does the janitorial services company have set rates and can the cleaning service be tweaked based on your demands? These among other questions should be in your mind when you plan to hire a cleaning services company.

We here at Blue Wave Office Cleaners, will visit your facility and develop a custom plan that will fit your needs and budget.


5. Do you offer green cleaning services?

Green cleaning services shape the current world which pays more attention to carbon emission and other forms of environmental pollution. Green cleaning services is now the way to go in order to give the clients a chance to join the green movement.

Ask us about our green Halifax office cleaning plans – 902-412-1950


6. Does the company have satisfaction guarantee?

Commercial cleaning companies should be open to feedback from the client. The office cleaners should also have a quality assurance plan in the event you are not happy with the work done at your office building, healthcare facility or retail outlet.

Try to foresee the satisfaction guarantee from the terms and conditions or even contact us web pages so that you know what to do when you do not find a service satisfactory.

Any professional janitorial services company should guarantee that your office will not only look and smell amazing but that it will also be a healthy happy place to work or visit. Ask about re-cleaning your office building if there is something that was missed or not cleaned properly.

Halifax Office Cleaning services

Blue Wave Commercial Office Cleaners in Halifax offer the following cleaning services to keep your office looking and smelling great for your employees and guests alike:

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Maintenance
  • Hard Floor Strip and Wax
  • Office Cleaning
  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Upholstery Care and Cleaning
  • Janitorial Services

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