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Janitorial Cleaning Services Halifax NS

Most businesses in Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford, Lower Sackville and other areas of the HRM, partner with a professional janitorial cleaning services to keep their facility looking great at all times! Contact Blue Wave Janitorial Cleaning Services to get a professional cleaning quote today – 902-412-1950 or 1-877-287-7655

Businesses such as yours need their facility cleaned on a regular basis. Your entrances, lobbies and customer seating areas reflect your brand and need to be well maintained.

Your offices, boardrooms and workstations see a significant amount of activity each day and it is important to keep them dust, dirt and germ free. Blue Wave Office Cleaning in Halifax is a local commercial cleaning company that you can count on to improve your image and provide a clean and healthy environment for your staff and customers alike. Blue Wave Cleaning provides affordable cleaning contracts to all of HRM including Halifax, Dartmouth, Sackville, Bedford and surrounding areas of Mainland Nova Scotia.

Regular Janitorial Services

All entrances, lobbies and customer seating areas reflect your brand and need to be well maintained with regular janitorial services. All offices, bathrooms, elevators, waiting rooms and computer workstations usually see a significant amount of activity each day and it is important to keep them dust, dirt and germ free especially during Covid-19

So that is where Blue Wave Janitorial Cleaning Services come in. They will clean your premises daily or weekly to help keep everything spotless and germ free, as well as maintaining your image so that customers will love coming back to your pub, retail space, or business location no matter where it is in HRM.

Owning and operating a business is not an easy task. There is so much too look after from order supplies, doing book work, hiring and paying employees, and of course keeping your establishment looking clean and healthy for staff and customers. So if you own an office building, restaurant, school, warehouse, or retail space, always keep it clean and well-maintained by hiring a professional janitorial cleaning company!

The Difference Between Janitorial Cleaning Services and Commercial Cleaning Services

The difference between janitorial services and commercial cleaning services is that janitorial services will include everyday small cleaning tasks like sweeping and mopping while commercial cleaning actually involves larger time consuming jobs like stripping and waxing of hard floors that can be done monthly or several times yearly.

For example: Janitorial cleaning services would include regular mopping of floors and vacuuming of all carpets in your business location, whereas commercial cleaning services would include other deeper hard floor cleaning and carpet steam cleaning.

Most businesses in Halifax tend to schedule janitorial cleaning services based on their individual company needs and location. They usually bring in a janitorial cleaning company on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or semi-weekly basis. When you hire a commercial cleaning or janitorial services cleaning company, you will no doubt schedule a meetings to discuss the cleaning schedule so everyone is on the same page with cleaning hours, what is to be done and pricing. That way your locations get cleaned and everyone is happy.

What Are The Usual Janitorial Cleaning Duties?

Don’t forget to talk to your janitorial cleaning services to make sure everything is done as expected. Some of the regular janitorial cleaning duties that you would get done weekly would be as follows:

  • Restroom / Bathroom Cleaning
  • Dusting all Offices and Work Areas
  • Cleaning Employee break Rooms, Kitchens, and Lounges
  • Sweeping / Mopping Hard Surface Floors
  • Vacuuming Carpets
  • Emptying Trash Cans / Bins

What Are The Usual Commercial Cleaning Duties?

So some of the usual commercial cleaning duties include jobs that are larger and require more time than everyday janitorial services. Some of the regular commercial cleaning tasks would include:

  • Carpet Cleaning / Steam Cleaning
  • Power Washing of Windows, Walls, Hard Services
  • Tile Grout Cleaning
  • Hard Surface Floor Cleaning, Stripping, Waxing
  • Furniture / Upholstery Cleaning

So moving forward, the plan would be to hire a local janitorial cleaning service for everyday cleaning and maintenance and then partner possibly with the same janitorial company for larger type jobs that you would do weekly or monthly.

Why Should You Outsource Your Janitorial Cleaning Services?

Figure out what type of commercial cleaning, office cleaning or janitorial cleaning services you need for your Halifax business so that you can keep it looking cleaning and germ free all year!

Do you need cleaning everyday and several times weekly? Well that’s janitorial cleaning services.

Do you need deep cleaning of hard floors, carpets, waiting areas, and staff kitchens and bathrooms? Well that would be commercial cleaning services.

Either way the folks at Blue Wave Janitorial Cleaning Services would be happy to offer either service. They do it all from office cleaning, commercial cleaning, and full janitorial cleaning services!

Whether you own an office building, dental clinic, junior high school, hospital, warehouse, pizza shop.. well you get it! Bluewave Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services would be happy to talk to you about scheduling any type of cleaning services that your business needs in Halifax, Dartmouth or anywhere else in the HRM.

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  • Consistent high quality results
  • Customized cleaning solutions
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