If you are looking for great Janitorial Services in Halifax NS then you have come to the right place!

This time of year there is a chill in the air meaning that winter flu season is not too far away. It’s time to put away summer furniture and take out winter boots, coats and hats. It’s also time to contact Blue Wave Commercial Cleaning Services to make sure your staff stays healthy on the job.

Whether you are looking for Office Cleaning in Halifax, Bedford, Sackville, or Dartmouth, you need to hire a professional janitorial services company in Halifax or Dartmouth for your business.

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Give Your Business A Fall Makeover

There are many different commercial cleaning companies in the Halifax area, but if you are looking for the best restaurant and retail cleaning company, or if you need your education facility or gym cleaned, now is the time to book Blue Wave Cleaning Services, the best local professional cleaning company to give your business a Fall makeover.

Almost all businesses in Nova Scotia will have employees out sick due to cold or flu. To keep germs away and to improve productivity, it is important to have a clean office, school, or library. Productivity will improve as a result of bringing in a full time Commercial Cleaning Company.

Janitorial Services

Blue Wave Janitorial Services is currently offering the following services in Halifax, Dartmouth 7 most areas of the HRM:

  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Construction Clean up
  • Commercial Floor Waxing
  • Business Move In or Move Out Cleaning
  • Office Cleaning
  • Restaurant and Retail Cleaning
  • Gym and Fitness Cleaning
  • Education and Daycare Cleanings
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Hard Floor cleaning
  • Janitorial Services


Germ Free Office Tips

Here are a few tips to keep your office germ free this coming flu season.

Hand Sanitizer: Provide employees with hand sanitizer as this is an effective and cost efficient way to prevent germs from spreading. High levels of germs are often found on computer keyboards, phones, and kitchen appliances.

Carpet Cleaning: Here is one of the most overlooked areas – having the furniture and carpets professionally cleaned. It is suggested, that is if your office has carpeting, and most actually still do in the HRM area, that the carpets should be professional cleaned at least every 3-6 months.

Dirt gets ground into the lower parts of the carpet backing making it hard to remove with regular vacuuming, so Blue Wave Office Cleaning Services a specialized commercial carpet cleaning company will steam clean your carpet professionally in order to remove any dust and pollutants that may eventually cause breathing problems for you and your staff.

Hire A Professional Office Cleaning Company

Blue Wave Office Cleaning Services has experienced and well trained staff who are fully licensed, insured, and bonded to work in the retail and commercial office cleaning sectors.

Call today to book our Janitorial Services in Halifax NS as well as surrounding areas including Bedford, Sackville, and Dartmouth – (902) 412-1950