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Office Building Cleaning

Blue Wave Office Building Cleaning will not only have your space looking and smelling clean but will also improve air quality and reduce germs and allergens, especially during Covid-19.

Many hours of productivity are lost each year due to ill workers. If your business wants to increase productivity and have less employees sick each year, then cleaning your office building properly by a commercial office building cleaning company in Halifax is the answer!

Commercial Office Building Cleaning

Blue Wave Commercial Cleaning Company in Halifax NS provides commercial cleaning services to many customers that operate from general office space such as accountants, lawyers, consultants, real estate agents and support centers. The main goal here for Blue Wave Commercial Cleaning is to provide the best cleaning services in Halifax and provide great followup customer service.

Halifax Commercial Cleaning Services take a hands on approach when working with our clients and have an amazing record of client satisfaction in the commercial cleaning industry in HRM.

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Everyone knows just how important it is to keep our homes clean for our families to live and work in a clean healthy environment.  It is no different from a business environment where your employees work and customers come to do business.

Safe Office Building Cleaning Services During Covid-19

Commercial office buildings needed to be just as clean, maybe more important because that is where our family members go to work. You don’t want a family member who works in downtown Halifax bringing home a cold or some other disease like Covid-19!

That is why you should partner with a commercial office building cleaning or janitorial services company who are experienced in deep cleaning, a company we can trust to come in on a daily basis and leave our retail space or healthcare office looking and smelling great. Proper commercial cleaning is essential to maintain a healthy work space for your employees and customers alike.

An office building can become a breeding ground for dirt, disease, and germs which can potentially pose a health risk to all staff members at each and every location for your company. Usually most businesses, schools and medical offices are frequented by customers on a daily basis.

Safe Office Building Cleaning will help provide a good impression for employees, customers, investors, and stakeholders.

Daily Office Building Cleaning Duties

There are many daily office building cleaning duties that a professional commercial cleaning company usually provides including the following:

  • Pick up garbage, dirt, and papers that many have missed the garbage bucket, keeping in mind not to toss important documents.
  • Emptying of trash bins, cleaning and replacing the old garbage bags with new ones if in use.
  • Sweep, mop and wax all hard floors.
  • Vacuum all carpets, stairs, stairwells, and areas where mats are located such as office spaces.
  • Cleaning smudges and fingerprints from all windows and mirrors inside and outside of the office building.
  • Clean all office floors, reception area furniture, computer desks, elevators, and anything else per our cleaning contract.

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Cleaning Offices and Commercial Facilities

Blue Wave Commercial Cleaning understands that each office is unique. That’s why we customize our commercial office building cleaning services to meet your requirements and budget.

Offices require dusting, wiping, floor care, restroom cleaning, sanitizing and trash removal. That is where a professional commercial cleaning company comes in, to keep your office space clean at all times, according to your schedule of available cleaning times and days.

Each office is unique, that’s why your Office Building Cleaners in Halifax customize commercial cleaning contracts suited to meet your requirements and budget. Many business offices have heavy use areas such as conference rooms and lobbies that require more frequent cleaning than areas that receive less traffic and use.

Blue Wave Office Building Cleaning Services in Halifax specialize in providing consistent and high quality office cleaning services.

Our safe cleaning system will not only make your facility look and smell clean, it will be a much cleaner and healthier environment especially during Covid times. The innovative commercial office building cleaning system uses color-coded microfiber cloths to ensure cross-contamination does not occur and our commercial grade vacuums will help improve air quality as they filter allergens, germs and dust.

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office building cleaning
  • Consistent high quality results
  • Customized cleaning solutions
  • Prevents cross-contamination
  • Improves air quality
  • Cleaner, fresher smelling restrooms

We are confident that we can develop a customized schedule to clean your Halifax office facility that will meet your requirements and budget. We will conduct a thorough walk through and cleaning needs assessment to help us understand what is most important to you so that we can meet your office building cleaning  expectations on a consistent basis.

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