Transparent pricing to fit your budget

Our commercial cleaning pricing is very straight-forward. We send a knowledgeable and experienced commercial cleaning consultant to evaluate your facility, discuss your needs and calculate a price. Our commercial cleaning services are competitively priced and we are confident that you will not find a higher quality to price ratio. We are able to customize a commercial cleaning program anywhere in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick that will meet your budget and requirements.


The frequency of cleaning will depend on many factors. Smaller offices, daycares, and restaurants may only need to be cleaned once or twice a week while larger facilities likes gyms and schools may require cleaning every weekday evening. High use areas often require more frequent cleaning and we’d be happy to customize a schedule that will work for you. Your commercial cleaning service agreement will clearly state the frequency of the cleaning to be done.

Size and Layout

It’s important that we understand all of your needs as we know that no there are no one-size-fits all when it comes to retail office cleaning. Our commercial cleaning consultant will do a walkthrough and discuss your expectations so we can understand exactly what needs to be done. We can then customize a office cleaning schedule that will meet your requirements and budget.

Your Cleaning Needs

We will send a professional office cleaning consultant to your facility, anywhere in The Maritime Provinces, to provide you with details based on the square footage and your commercial cleaning needs. We take factors such as the amount of use certain areas receive, type of activities occurring in these areas, age of facility and the types of cleaning required. It important we visit your gym, school, or office, to make sure we are providing an accurate office cleaning quote.

Blue Wave Cleaning Services can often save customers up to 15% on their cleaning costs by customizing a cleaning plan so that you are only paying for the services you need and not the ones you don’t. Contact us today and let us help you customize a solution that will fit your needs and budget.

  • Transparent pricing based on industry standards
  • Customized cleaning plans
  • Only pay for services you need not the ones you don’t
  • Free no hassle quotes
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